9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Extranet

An extranet is a way for businesses to establish and maintain a private network that can be accessed by its employees, customers, vendors, and partners. There are many reasons why your business needs an extranet. Some of them include improved security, increased productivity, streamlined communication with partners and suppliers.

There are many benefits to an extranet. It can help you develop new business opportunities or increase your revenue by 20%. You can also reduce costs and improve efficiency by using it as a single point of contact for all your suppliers or customers.

One of the most important benefits of an extranet is that it allows for better security than traditional intranets do. A b2b extranet provides superior security because it uses encryption and multi-factor authentication to protect data from unauthorized access.

Extranet is a Necessity

Extranet is built on the ideals of valued relationship with the client which enhances communication and collective interaction with all sorts of parties. When we talk about this feature, it directly implies the unlimited benefits associated with B2B market that helps you win an edge against competitors in the industry. It simplifies the day to day function of a business and reduces the cost leakages caused by simple or mechanized labor.

It’s a multipurpose platform with exceptional sharing capabilities that allow you connect with your partners, suppliers, vendors, customers, or other businesses in real time. You can share ton loads of content through a friction less channel and keep your peers and clients updated. Once you become part of this active community, you can keep tabs on the conversations, files and scheduled events on the calendar anywhere you prefer.

Let see why every winner recommends the use of extranet to conduct daily business dealings in the industry. You can also Contact go-globe for development and configuration of extranet for your business

Manage Your Business Tasks Online

Businesses often suffer from lack of teamwork within their framework. Employees work hard on their assignments but fail to deliver them on time due to the breakages in the channel. An extranet provides cloud based service to create and assign tasks with an extensive set of features that allow your employees to upload and download their work faster than ever. This system not only maintains the security of your work, but also allows your resources to contact your instantly anytime they want.

Customer Service Management

We know smart business owners are always open to good advice and that is why Customer Service Management solutions keep you constantly informed about new plans and strategies to keep customers satisfied. You can get a good insighton customer trends and keep ahead of the competition by inviting new customers with the most cost effective methods.

Keep your Customers Informed

If there is something customers hate more than an overprice product/service, is being excluded from the loop during its working process. Extranet allows you to publish content in lightning fast speeds and get it to your client’s desk in the most frictionless manner. Clients can easily track down the required information from their portals whenever they want.

Search on Cloud

Aside from uploading files and managing information, searching for the specific information within a cloud based platform is also imperative. Extranet gives you and customers the ability to look up their desired information through search options. You can also create and manage a neat list of your contacts and keep them updated each time a change has been made.

Pricing and Customer Restriction

You can introduce product catalogs that will be assisted by extranet modules for a complete view, while advance options allow you to maintain the supply of products from a preferred list of manufacturers. Being a highly customizable platform, you can edit the fields, layout, and multimedia elements of the product page with the snap of the finger.Restrict customers groups through different pricing structures and allow discounts on large quantities of products. You can upload your product details in CSV format and attach specific files to products to make changes in your offers.

Manage Quotes and Orders

Your business can only graze on green pastures if it can efficiently manage sales quotes from your clients. This means you need a foolproof billing, shipping and receipt service that has an impeccable record on customer satisfaction. Extranet facilitates customizable pricing methods with tools to calculate subtotals, adjustments, taxes, and grand total amounts with printer friendly receipt formats which an advance content management system must have. You can send emails with answers to customer quotes and queries in attractive templates through emails.

The Importance of Invoice

Marketing ethics in ecommerce are based on principles thatbinds businesses with customers through recorded transactions. It is important that the customer must remain informed on record what was purchased and what makes him its owner. Extranet gives you the ability to track invoices and edit them for taxing and authentication purposes without duplicate work by dynamically showing the Billing & Shipping addresses, as well as the and terms & conditions while creating invoices.

Remain Open Anytime Anywhere

Living up to its promise of mobile operations and instant information, extranet keeps you ahead of your schedule while it does all the heavy lifting. It notifies customers as it tracks their shipment details precisely on time. It sends email alerts to customers each time a response has been sent by you. Customers can create appointments which you are periodically reminded with as the dates approach. A 24/7 open booking sends a positive message to your clientele that creates a bridge of trust between you and the customers.

Taking Care of Leads

Maintaining the health of a lead is an imperative task for any business that wishes to convert it into a successful sale. Hence, lead management is one of the corner stones of ecommerce in professional websites which if practiced wisely with the proper tools can bring huge margins of profit. Extranet assists in the process by saving the lead, validating it, and automatically reminding you to initiate the follow-up stage in order to bring the lead into fruition.

Turning a blind eye to an available customer can cost your dearly. Extranet helps you expand your reach and bring more exposure to your stores through classified ads that can be shared to all your clients in the server. For higher performance you can always add more tools to your extranet dashboard such as Opportunity Management, Approval & Workflows, Calendar & Events, News & Press Releases and Users & Roles modules.


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