Enterprise Resource Planning Info and Facts [Infographic]

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is at the heart of every company. The software that drives the planning reached across all departments. It optimizes and integrates business processes, often in real-time.

It spans from procurement, production, distribution, accounting to human resource, governance, customer service, and sales. There it integrates, provides insights, and standardizes to help to make better decisions and foster internal efficiency and security.

The current trend in the mature ERP market is the growth of cloud-based ERP systems, while the on-premise ERP is still strong. It is estimated that the global market reaches USD 61.69 Billion by 2025. New technologies like Artificial intelligence, Distributed Business Intelligence, and IoT are having an impact on new and existing installations.

Enterprise Resource Planning System
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The Middle East is following these trends with the cloud applications market is expected to grow to USD 2,404.5 Million by 2020 and a Compound Annual Growth Rate of over 13% for the whole ERP market.

However, the implementation of an ERP system is not without risks involved. Approximately half of ERP implementations fail the first time. And more that 50% of the ERP systems are over schedule, over budget, and got breached.

Despite these risks, ERP is driving the company’s success with serving as gateway to modernization, enabling Enterprise-wide integration, and offering real-time or near real time operations.


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