SEO in niche markets [Infographic]

The internet is connecting and dividing the world at the same time. As it reflects society, you can find a wide range of interest groups, social groups, and language groups there. This creates more niche markets than ever. With eCommerce you could reach your niche all over the world. And to be found, you could use optimization practices for your specific market.

Because niche markets are so small, it takes a lot of refinement to reach potential customers. And these customers are looking for something very specific. They're looking for deeper engagement, a stronger community, and unique content. This reflects in 16-20% of all Google searches that are being searched for the first time. And 10% of Google searchers are looking for detailed content.

Infograpgics by GO-Globe SEO Ajman

To be successful in your niche market you need strategies for special SEO. You need to find the narrowest possible niche while still reaching a sufficiently large audience. A good strategy is to examine the search volume, balance keyword specificity for SEO, research the competition in your niche, and create niche-specific content.

The main part of doing good SEO for niches, is to optimize your product and understand your customer in depth. 84% of marketers agree that finding the influencer for niche marketing is effective. This is one way to win against competitors in the niche market.


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