The new social challenger [Infographic]

Douyin and its international twin TikTok are racing to rule the social media world. With growth unseen before the Beijing company, Bytedance has created a social lip-sync, comedy, and talent video app that storms the internet. In 15 seconds, everybody could rise to become a star. This global phenomenon lets the average user crave more entertaining and funny videos every day. Influencers are delivering content and make their money. This trend is also happening in the Middle East and where tech-savvy young users enjoy funny videos where singing, re-enacting movie scenes, and dancing are the most popular activities.

new social challenger

Infographics by GO-Globe Logo Design Bahrain

But not only the regular users are interested in becoming a celebrity, but also the local media and tourism industry wants to use this new channel to promote their products and services. In collaboration with TikTok, they created travel and leisure videos. Under Hashtags like #ThisisDubai and new in-app challenges, Dubai Tourism promotes their travel destination. They offer Dubai-themed music inviting participants to capture striking aspects of the city.


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