Things You Need to Know About Bing [Infographic]

Bing is a search engine that was founded by Microsoft. It was introduced in 2009 as a rival to Google and Yahoo. According to Microsoft Search Network data, men make up the majority of the search engine population. Specifically, 56% of searchers identify as male, while only 44% identify as female. The vast majority of users are also under the age of 45 (73%), while just over half indicated that they're married with children (53% and 58% respectively).

Bing is available in 105 display languages. This includes the main languages such as French, German, Russian, Italian, and Spanish, but also a number of African languages, like Afrikaans, isiZulu, and Amharic, in 238 countries

Bing has been on the rise and accounted for 7% of the total market . Some say it's Google that still dominates but Bing has seen an almost identical market share to Yahoo's (2.75%). Bing's power is that it ranks well for search terms people are actually typing in, rather than those it simply pays for a top spot. Bing has more users who are switching from Google to the Microsoft search engine

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Though, Google still seems to be a bit of the victor, in terms of share in worldwide search engine searches. The Microsoft Search Network includes Bing.com and AOL, Yahoo! MSN, Bing.de and Bing.co.uk etc. Data about the network show it has a 14.2% share of the global PC market

Bing users are researching products and finding them. Microsoft is trying to get more people to use Bing by showing ads for products in the search engine. These ads will be shown on the right side of the screen with a “shop now” button so you can go purchase it. This will increase revenue for both Microsoft and the online store, providing more revenue for both. 55% of bing users use the search feature to do product research, and 38% of users use it for brand discovery.

Bing is cultivating an appetite for travel. In a recent study, it was found that 40% of Bing searches are for domestic travel planning and 21% are for international travel. This is attributed to the general trend of the internet population looking to explore destinations at their own leisure time.

Microsoft's Search Network, which reaches visitors to Bing web search, AOL.com, and Yahoo! web search, spends about 30% more money (about $4 billion) on shopping activities per year than the average internet searcher when they shop via their desktop computers.

Bing’s bounce rate appears to be 28.5% over the last 90 days, however similarweb claims that it can go as high as 38%. Regardless of the exact amount, it’s still quite good. According to semrush, anything below 26% is excellent and the best range is between 26-40%.

Bing had a customer satisfaction score of 71, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. In 2020, it had the same score. The highest that its score has ever been was in 2011 when it was 82. Since then it steadily declined, apart from 2016 when it jumped from 72 to 75.

Bing is a search engine made by Microsoft, but it isn't as popular as Google. It has a customer satisfaction score of 71, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. In 2020, it had the same score. The highest that its score has ever been was in 2011 when it was 82.

Although Microsoft is still bigger than Alphabet, their recent 'IndexNow' project seems very interesting. According to Microsoft, big companies such as eBay, LinkedIn, MSN, and GitHub have already indicated that they’re planning to migrate to IndexNow via the Bing URL submission API. Currently, it doesn't seem as if Google will be participating in this initiative.

The Apple versus Microsoft/Jobs versus Gates war has kept us on the edge of our seats for decades. Will the Google and Bing search war make for the same blockbuster stuff in the next coming years?

key usage It was launched in 2009
Available in 105 Languages, 238 Countries
Bing had on average 1.114 billion users per month, September 2021 to February 2022 The average visit duration is 7.24 minutes with a bounce rate of 38.04% 52% of search engine users are business decision-makers
Bing users search engine queries Top 6 Global
34% of Bing searches were made by people who have graduated from college
Google 40,958,757
youtube 35,279,042
facebook 28,550,537
gmail 15,868,334
amazon 7,854,752
yahoo 6,389,306
Bing demographic overview
Bing user age distribution
Men and women have a 50/50 split as Bing users
35-44 19.56%
45-54 12.73%
55-64 9.44%
65> 6.96%
France uses Bing the least with 3.28% of searches
China is the country that makes the most Bing searches at 34.45%, followed by the United States at 27.60%.
Bing in search market
Bing Accounts For About 7% of the Global Search Market
Bing generates 900 million daily searches
Bing has a 38.46% market share among US console users
Over 85% of Bing’s traffic comes directly
Bing is now accessible in 105 new languages
Bing Ranked 28th in Global Internet Engagement
Microsoft Earns $8+ Billion in Search Ads Revenue
8% of People Used Google Before Bing
Bing Was Ahead of Google With Its COVID-19 Interactive Map
Bing Has Partnered With Shopify
It Gets Over 1 Billion Monthly Visits On Average


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