Got a business website? Targeted Advertising through Live Chat.

Usually the goal of advertising is to persuade the potential consumer to do something, generally to buy a product or service. In this process, you are at one side of the picture and the consumer at the other and whatever happens in between will be your efforts to persuade the consumer to buy from you. To formulate an Online Advertising Campaignthat works, it is of course; best to be completely familiar with the other side of the picture - that is - your online consumer. There are countless variables that can affect online consumer behavior ranging from their demographics to social and cultural factors that influence them. As an advertiser, you need to know why your online consumers are buying, what they are buying, and how they go about buying certain products.

In a Live Chat environment where Live Chat Agents are constantly monitoring your website, with enough training they know your online consumers’ behavior like the back of their hands. From which geographical location are they coming in, which languages do they speak, which products/services are they most interested in, which price tags are affordable for them and which cultural or social constraints affect them. In technical terms, Live Chat Agents can see the IP Addresses of online consumers to get their location, see the keywords they searched for to get to your website to find the product/service they are looking for and much more. Agents can tell which pages consumers are getting stuck on, what makes them abandon a shopping cart and which products could consumers not find easily on the website. By chatting with them - Live Chat Agents get to know the other side of the picture as intimately as possible. These agents can draw online consumer profiles for your company and help in data gathering of your consumer, knowing exactly on a personal basis what each online consumer wants.

This extensive knowledge of your online consumer’s behavior will lead to targeted advertising, for small segments of online consumers with specialized advertising messages - even done on a one-on-one basis with a personal touch every time a Live Chat takes place between an agent and an online consumer. This knowledge base might change the way you display your products, the way you write content for your website and most of all, the way your advertise.


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